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Good Ol' St Paddy's! 🍀🍻

Firstly, I'm a little proud of myself here...this is the first blog update I have actually done which is not late! I'll try my best to keep them bi-weekly from now on. So the last two weeks...the first week was our spring break although I didn't really spend any time off, I was in School pretty much everyday but as we had no classes it was a good time for me to catch up with class work and also do a little experimenting with some personal work so it was spent well! We did however end the holiday well with a little party, to which my Mexican friends brought along a bottle of mescal so it was a pretty good night had by all!

Despite the fairly decent weather we had been having, tuesday welcomed in a crazy snow storm which meant we had a snow day so I was able to have a little time off watching movies and making s'mores with my roommates. I also had a really lovely surprise in learning that my ex flatmate from my time in Canada four years ago was visiting NYC with her mum this past week, so on friday I got to spend some time with them catching up on the past few years. We met at the st patricks day parade which was pretty cool to see, it seemed to be more of a celebration of the Celts in general with loads of kilts and bagpipes milling around alongside the usual green and shamrocks! They celebrate it pretty hard here in comparison to at home. I met with two good friends, Matthew (my friend from Balfron) and his new wife, Leigh for dinner and the obligatory pint of stout to see off St Paddy's day!

During the week I finally made it along to see one of my all time favourite contemporary painters, Alex Kanevsky's solo show. It was the first time I had ever seen any of his work in person and it did not disappoint! I came away from it with a whole load of inspiration for new work. This is definitely one of my favourite things about studying here, we are surrounded by great art. We are now starting to get ourselves ready for Tribeca ball in two weeks time! This is a big fancy event which art lovers from all over New York City come to see our work (and hopefully invest in some too!) at the school, we open up our studios and have a selection of work on view. It will be a great opportunity to network and hopefully meet some likeminded people, next time I update this I will be sure to include as much about the experience as possible!

For now, have a great two weeks guys!

Sian x

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