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Happy New Year!

Ok so firstly, my apologies for the lack of any updates in the last wee while, I suddenly became overwhelmed with work for my finals! A new years resolution of mine is definitely to get better at this blogging thing!

Anyways, wow the last month has been crazy. I got to celebrate my first ever American thanksgiving and a much needed break from the crazy city life with my cousins up in beautiful Ithaca. Its pretty much the same as christmas…turkey, all the trimmings, family time and lots of chilling out just with more pumpkin! I had a really great few days meeting my extended family and getting to know them more. I also got the chance to have a look around Cornell University which was amazing, its an incredibly beautiful place, it actually reminded me a little of Scotland - lots of greenery and the dreary weather while I was their certainly added to its resemblance.

After returning from Ithaca I had a wee visit from my boyfriend, Gary who unfortunately came at the wrong time as my workload quadrupled. We had fun regardless though! We even had an early christmas, going to see ‘Sleep no more’ an immerse theatre show that I have to say (having tried to many times now) is incredibly hard to explain so I’ll let Time Out explain - “Silent audience members in creepy white masks are set free in a six-floor labyrinth of wonders, while a roving cast of actor-dancers plays out enigmatic scenes inspired by Macbeth and Hitchcock. There are more than 90 different spaces to explore, ranging from a candy shop to a cemetery.” I would highly suggest it anyway if you are or ever in NYC.

Work was pretty intense in the last month of school due to final projects which I had for all my classes. For Anatomy we had to finish our ecorshes which we spent half the semester working on (these are little proportionate human sculptures demonstrating the skeletal and muscular structure), a comparative essay and presentation for Art and Culture which I chose to do on Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock. I had two paintings to do, one for my painting class - our brief being to create a self portrait and having spent the past four months of my life going back and fourth on the tube becoming more and more interested in the strange place that it is and thinking about the idea ‘visual hierarchy’ we had discussed a few times in class I based my self portrait around this, painting my reflection in the tube window. The other painting was for my composition class, I mentioned this project briefly in a previous post, for this class we were told to create a metaphorical composition. Despite finding this the most interesting project I have to say I struggled with it but I also learnt so much from it to take forward into future work. Finally, for my drawing class we were asked to do a large scale drawing, with the only specifications being that it should contain at least two figures and an animal. I’ve attached images of all my finals to this post so you can have a look at them!

After a short break at home and receiving my grades a few days ago (4 A’s and a B!! :)), I am now definitely ready and raring to jump back into it all next semester!

I’m going end this by saying happy new year and promising that I will be blogging much more frequently in 2017!


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