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Spring break!

Hello all!

Thats me reached the midterm break already! I can’t believe how quickly time is flying in here! As much as I did enjoy last semester, this semester has proved to be far better due mostly to the fact we are learning indirect painting in our painting class this term as I explained in my last blog post and this means that we only have two paintings to complete in class all semester and two as homework outside of class although as they are all about building up layers they do take more time to complete but I’m really enjoying the process.

As we have less homework than last year I have more time to think about my own personal work and means when I do have homework I can spend more time planning it out and I’m already feeling so much more positive about what I am making this year. I've attached some photos below!

We’ve been making more of an effort this year to spend more time going to galleries and have started a routine of going to the chelsea art district every thursday night which is when the galleries have the open nights for new exhibitions. We also managed to get out to see my painting teachers band last night, which proved to be a great night. I’m now looking forward to a week ‘off,’ I’ll likely still be in school for most if not all the time but I will be able to work on some of my own personal projects for a bit.


my first in class indirect painting as it stands now!

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