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Farewell September, you've been great

Hi Everyone!

So I’m now a good few weeks into my course and so far all is going well, I have literally just finished a study for a new painting I am very excited about and I feel like I am finally starting to patch together all my ideas and starting to recognise exactly what it is I want to make and say. My classes are all great so I'm feeling like I have made some great choices there! This year our painting class is called ‘synthetic painting,’ meaning we are learning how to merge together multiple different sources in order to create a finished painting. Our first project in this class has been really interesting - we have been given four ‘sittings’ with two live models and been tasked with physically building a machete or a space in which to ‘put’ the figures in. I’ve attached a picture of my model below, it was a lot of fun to make despite apparently forgetting my P1 knowledge on how to cut things safely and accidentally stabbing myself in the leg with my cutting knife :( (I’m totally fine btw, sounds worse than it was).

It was my birthday too a couple weeks ago! (thanks all you lovely people for your kind well wishes!) I had a fantastic day, Gary made it even better by flying all the way over from Saudi Arabia to see me for the week arriving on my birthday and was an absolute trooper as always, despite the hideous jet lag that inevitably comes from 14 hours (at least) of flying, he shook it off and took me out to see book of mormon which was fantastic! We had a fab week together full of laughter as always. I’m a lucky lucky gal!

A few nights ago I went along to a meet and greet at the St Andrews Society, a Scottish society in New York. I had a great time and met some really interesting people and heard some really cool stories about the history of the society and got talking to fellow Scots who have moved out here.

I’ve been working as a photographer for the school too which has been really fun, a totally different experience too as its mostly event photography which I have never done before so its been a good learning experience thus far.

Well, back off to make some more stuff and I'll update you all again in another couple weeks!


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