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I'm back! 🍎

Hello again everyone!

Well thats me arrived back in the the big ol’ apple once again and last Wednesday I officially started back at the academy as a big bad second year after a wonderful summer back home. I’ve spent the past three months working mostly out of the Greengallery in Buchlyvie on four commissions, primarily two very large (160x100cm) portraits for a lovely couple down in Winchester. But mostly, aside from a lovely relaxing week long holiday to Malta with Gary, my summer has been fairly uneventful and as a result highly relaxing - i.e EXACTLY what I needed after last year and before this year!

So, so far so good, classes are going well, I’m very happy with my advisor for this year and I think I am starting to head down an interesting path with my work for this year. I also won the job of ‘Photo Scholar’ meaning I will be taking photos for all the exciting events going on at the school and keeping you lovely folk up to date on all this year has to offer through the academy’s instagram (@nyacademyofart).

It’s been great being back so far, for this year I decided to move up to Bedstuy which has proved to be an amazing decision as not only am I closer to school, I am also much closer to friends and in a much quieter and exciting area. So this past week here has mostly just been spent getting to know the area and settling back into school. This year we have all been given our own studios around the school to prepare for our thesis show next May so I am really enjoying having my own space again.

Well, I just wanted to say hi and I will be doing my best to do a bi-weekly update as the year progresses and hopefully I will have some exciting new work to share with you all in the coming months!


P.S. as I don't have a working phone just yet - looong story - I haven't had much of a chance to take many photos yet so heres one I took of my lovely pals on our first day back at the fellows exhibition!

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