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Upcoming Workshops 

Private Tuition

One-to-one tuition is available and held in my studio at 146 Crownpoint studios for any ability from absolute beginner to professional. Tuition will be tailored to your own personal needs and interests as an artist - we can have a chat about this before hand, whether you have a specific skill you’d like to learn, a painting or drawing you need help with or you are just looking for a general overview. 


Lessons will always be arranged for your convenience to whenever suits you best whether it be weekdays or weekends, evenings or mornings. Bookings can also be made for more than one if you would like to be joined by friends or partners etc! 

Discounts available for block bookings & Gift Vouchers available!

Past Workshops 


Zoom Online Oil Painting demo for Beginners (held in collaboration with Edinburgh Drawing School)

19th July 2020

This demo is open to anyone from absolute beginners looking for a place to start, painting enthusiasts who would like a peek behind the curtain to see how I work, or experienced painters looking to brush up on the basics. 


We'll start by going over the paints and mediums I use, talk a bit about how to set up your palette and then delve into different types of brushes and palette knives for the job. Working from a photo (which will be sent to you beforehand so you can see it too), I'll walk you through my painting process step by step. You can join in and paint alongside me or just watch and ask as many questions as you would like throughout.

Oil Painting for Beginners at The Edinburgh Drawing School

17th November 2019 

If you’re brand new to oil painting or you’re looking for an update on the basics, this workshop is specifically designed for you! This class will give you the foundations you need to feel comfortable getting started and explains each of the skill steps in oil painting. Starting right from the top we will cover everything from how to use and mix oil paint, set up your palette and understand the tools and materials. Through demonstrations, group and one-to-one instruction, using a still life set up we will proceed onto exploring the techniques involved in painting from understanding the properties of colour (hue, value, temperature and chroma), develop your brushwork and knowledge of how to set up a composition.


If you have a personal project or painting you are already working on and would like to bring that in to work on and get help with, that would also be great!

Anatomical Drawing: Understanding the Skull at The Edinburgh Drawing School

6th October 2019

This drawing class is aimed at all levels and will address areas of proportion, gesture, perspective, movement and basic anatomy when drawing the figure. Drawing from a live model this workshop will introduce and equip you with the ability to see, understand and identify the body’s underlying geometry and anatomical structure. Starting with quick gestural drawings and progressing into establishing the basic volumes of the figure using spheres, boxes and cylinders we will first develop a sense of the bodies underlying structure as a whole. After this we will move on to concentrating more on the head, learning to draw it accurately from ‘inside out’ by identifying anatomical landmarks and the volume of the human skull. Through demos and one-to-one tuition we will learn to draw the figure with greater clarity, confidence, and accuracy.

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